Monday, March 7, 2011


"Oh man. That guitar they had at Guitar Center was so sweet. Now my guitar sucks."


"You know what I mean? It's like I just shouldn't have even played that nice guitar. You know?"


"It's like.... Think of it like if you drove a Ferrari and then you went back to driving your car. Your car would feel lame and slow."

"Well. My car just IS lame and slow. But I also don't care."

"But you can IMAGINE if you drove a Ferrari, right? And then your car wouldn't seem as nice?"

"Okay. Can you just try explaining this again? Try and think of something that will make sense to ME."


"Something I can relate to?"

"Okay... Let's see... imagine you rode, like, the best horse ever. Like imagine you rode Seabiscuit. No, wait. Imagine you rode Black Beauty and then you went back and had to ride a regular horse."


"Yeah. You know Black Beauty, right? You're riding through a beautiful forest with long flowing hair-"

"Wait, me or the horse?"

"Uh.... Both! You both have long flowing hair."

"Okay I get it now. Your guitar sucks."