Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dishwasher story. Just as interesting as it sounds.

So my dishwasher seems to be broken. I load it up, shake in the powdered soap, close the door and press Start and it makes all kinds of wooshy promising noises and then in thirty minutes or so it gets quiet and the "Clean" light blinks at me. Which has TRICKED ME several times into thinking that the dishes are clean so I open the dishwasher to find the soap powder only semi-used and dishes with water/soap condensation all over them. It is strange.

According to the manual, the flashing "Clean" light ACTUALLY means "Call someone to come fix it." Instead I have interpreted it as: Try it again. Try it again. Turn off and on the circuit breaker and try it again. Try it again. Start using dishwasher as a dish drying rack.

I will eventually get it fixed I'm sure and it's not a big deal-- not like I can't live without a dishwasher. But I really would like to sit it down and reason with it because of all the appliances I use and abuse the dishwasher has a pretty cushy life. I load it up throughout the week and only run it when it is full. AND I am so persnickety and can't stand to put dishes in the dishwasher that have any food at all on them that I pretty much do a total pre-wash before I put them in there. On the other hand I'll toss ANYTHING into the washer and it has already proven itself to be a touch finicky.

I think what my dishwasher needs is and ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.