Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sickness and Chico adventures, unrelated (hopefully)

I am sick today. And grumpy.
I am achy and tired and my throat hurts and my head feels... my head feels. Everything. Thinking is bothersome because I can feel it happening.

Anyhow. Can I tell you a little about my weekend trip to Chico?

Jenny and I hit the road on Saturday, after her night of shenanigans with Califmom. We had wanted to do a little shopping in Chico because we always seem to have strangely good luck there so we picked up Stella and went to the mall. The former Gottschalks had been turned into a GIANT Forever 21 which seemed cool at first but was way too overwhelming. We puttered around the mall and ate yummy chocolate peanut butter bar thingies and then decided to go get pedicures.

We found a place that was open (it was lateish-- about 5:30) and sat down for the MOST PAINFUL PEDICURE I'VE EVER GOTTEN IN MY LIFE. I couldn't believe how terrible it was.
Now, people tend to laugh at me when I get pedicures because I'm so ticklish that I end up writhing around in my chair and giggling. This time there was no giggling, but there certainly was WRITHING. He did all the stuff that usually feels great but he made it uncomfortable and painful. He raked salt scrub into my skin and brushed it off with a stiff plastic-bristled brush. He aggressively massaged the lotion on and then he PUNCHED MY FOOT. I got out of there all shaky and sweaty and disoriented. We went back to Stella's house for some much-needed drinkiepies and snacks and an impromptu haircut for Jenny.

We went out. I wore a fantastic hand-me-down dress and lounged in the trunk of a car at 2 am. We danced at club and then danced at a hookah bar. We had FUN.

Later, we stopped by Carl's Junior for a late-night/early-morn snack. We ordered, paid, and sat down to wait for our food. The lady came out and said "Number 36? Number 51?" And we said "over here!" She stared at us and narrowed her eyes. "Did you order, like, chicken fingers and stuff?" "Yes!" we said. She put the tray down in front of us "Are you sure? Because if you steal someone else's food..." she trailed off in an ominous manner. The three of us all at once tried to explain that NO we weren't trying to steal someone else's food, that we had paid for the food, and that here were our little plastic numbers! "Well it happens. Every. Day." she snarked and then huffed away.

So, in conclusion, I always have fun in Chico. Because going out on the town in Chico is REALLY REALLY fun. Even if everything else might suck.