Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

I wrote this mostly yesterday and then Blogger crapped out, ate my most recent post, and wouldn't save this one. So here it is, only slightly delayed.

OHMYGOD let's focus on something else for a moment, shall we?

Would you like to see what I gave my mama for Mother's Day?

I painted her a picture.
My mom loves gardening and flowers and trees and flowering trees so I thought she would like it. (She did.) I'm not any real sort of artist but I enjoyed painting this. It was a nice evening of listening to music, doing something creative, and thinking about my mom.
The canvas is small. I meant to include some 'for-scale' item in the pic but I forgot, so I'll just tell you that it is approximately 5x7 inches. I've found that the littler canvases are a good size for me. I think bigger canvases can be overwhelming for painting (aack I have to fill ALL THAT SPACE) and also for displaying (aack this is going to take up SO MUCH SPACE) and also if I make some big mistake it doesn't take long for me to paint the small one all over in white and start again.

I wrapped it up in one of the scarves I bought at the white elephant sale. I thought my mom would like the scarf and also appreciate that its purchase benefited the Oakland Museum. (She did.)