Friday, February 11, 2011

to market, to market

I went to the flea market again last weekend. You are shocked, I know.
It was a gorgeous day, hot and sunny. I had been a teensy bit worried about going because, aack, what if they didn't have it on Super Bowl Sunday? Alas, I should have been worried about the opposite thing-- the flea market was HOPPING. There were tons of people there and parking was a huge pain. We ended up parking down a far-offish side street and congratulating ourselves for our smartness. No waiting in the huge parking line for us! No siree! We were less enthused when it came time to walk BACK to the car, loaded down with treasures. I'm totally buying one of those foldable rolly cart thingies every flea marketer seems to have.

Anyhow, I found some good stuff. This little guy was two dollars. Even though I'm partial to unicorns, a pegasus will do now and again.

And, weirdly, everything else I bought was three dollars.

This little succulent plant medly?
Three dollars.

The hat I bought because I hadn't anticipated the summery weather and my pale skin MUST STAY PALE?
Three dollars.

The 4 foot tall shelf I got for my sister for displaying ceramic art projects made by her kids?
Three dollars.

This cute shelfy thing with a random door I bought to display my knicky knackies?
Three dollars. I was most excited about this because it's the perfect shelf for storing, well, more junk I pick up at the flea market.
Oh darn! I couldn't find the right sizes of objects to fill the compartments around my house! Guess I'll just have to go back again....