Thursday, February 10, 2011

Current Irritants.

Incorrect apostrophe usage. The other day I saw "Beverage's" on a menu. Some people just aren't even trying.

Automatic toilets. Can't I be the one to decide when I'd like to flush? I feel like I'm grown up enough for that responsibility.

Weak handshakes. Get your limp fish-hand away from me.

People talking about how Valentine's Day is "a made-up holiday." They are ALL made-up holidays. All holidays exist because at some point somebody said "You know what? We should make this a holiday." There are no holidays that just *poof* CAME INTO BEING.

My flat iron. It just stopped working out of the blue. And apparently the whole "I know how to do my hair" thing was just a charade. MY FLAT IRON knew how to do my hair. Without it I am useless. And frizzed.

Saturday classes. I don't have them every Saturday, but ENOUGH Saturdays to matter.


How tired I am after clinical. I seriously don't know how my dad regularly works 12 hour days. I get home and I can barely summon the energy to fling my clothes in the general direction of the hamper before I burrow into bed and don't emerge for many hours.

Sleeping, and the fact that I'm having trouble with it. I LOVE sleeping; why can't I just DO IT?

My car window. Someone broke it and then stole all my CDs, about five bucks in change, and my flip flops. I got it fixed but now it's a different color from the rest of my windows.

The new stupid parking meters around town and all their newfangled technology meant to keep you from adding time to a meter with some time left on it.

That speeding ticket I got awhile back. YES, I'm still annoyed about it!

The phrase "it is what it is." Oh, IS IT?