Wednesday, February 9, 2011

77. visit a brewery

A couple weeks ago I was able to tackle number 77 on my life list. We visited the Anchor Brewing Company, conveniently located within San Francisco.
They give free tours twice a day, Monday through Friday. We reserved ours a couple months in advance which I guess is what you're supposed to do (I wasn't in charge, all I did was show up at the appropriate time. Actually, I was almost LATE because the bus didn't come on time so I took a cab and my cab driver had to pull over and look at a map). The tour included a walk through the brewery, wherein our guide explained the process of making the different varieties of Anchor beers.

We got to see this guy doing... something.

And we saw these guys. Doing... something else.

We saw this bottle washer contraptiony thingamajig.
I remember our tour guide gave us nice, comprehensive explanations of what was going on and what we were seeing. The trouble is that after the tour was the beer tasting and after the tasting was the stumbling home and falling on the bed for two hours, so my memories from the tour are a bit fuzzy. 

Aha! Proof I was there!

I guess that makes me a weakling since I flutter my hands and make ick faces at any beer that is TOO STRONG (which is most beer).
I'd say a good time was had by all. Several of us managed to tipsily slap down our credit cards and purchase some Anchor merchandise. I ended up with the Humming Ale shirt.
I can totally wear that to class today, right?