Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Modular Zen Closet

I'm still in the process of organizing my "hidden areas" like my cupboards and storage locker, but Regina Leeds (the author of my MAGIC BOOK, see the Amazon affiliate link over yonder -->) said it was okay to work on your closet now if you hadn't already. That's one of the things I really like about this book-- it pushes you to become more organized and get heavy handed about eliminating clutter, but it also gives you a reasonable time period and lets you bend some of the rules. Like when I started clearing out some cupboards I found TONS AND TONS of photos and, ugh, just the idea of going through them all and trying to organize them and put them in albums was totally overwhelming. Luckily the book had an answer for this too-- don't worry if you find a whole bunch of photos in your cupboards, it said, just put them in one centralized location and we'll deal with them in a later chapter. Whew. I can just focus on organizing the cupboards and closets themselves, not starting a huge photo organization project. Anyhow. THE POINT is I could have organized my closet when I zenned my bedroom but instead I did it now and that's fine! All right. Enough rambling, how about some pictures instead?

Closet, before:
Bookshelf, closet shelf, and cloth hangy thing all BURSTING with clothes.

The modular cubes! And bins! With labels! 
Just... chaos.

More cubes and, of course, MORE BINS!

I took everything out of the closet, put in the modular cube thing and then only re-put back stuff I was SURE I wanted. I meticulously categorized all of my clothes and then hauled all the items that wouldn't fit in the bins to the Goodwill. It was kind of hard being so heavy handed since I'm something of a packrat by nature, but so far I don't miss anything I tossed. And now I can actually SHUT my closet doors. Ta-da!