Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do you sleep at night?

Okay I have several posts that are half-written at this moment but instead I'm choosing to start a new one! So ha.

Everyone has a different nighttime ritual/outfit/blanket arrangement/side of the bed/routine of choice and I feel like when someone tells me theirs I'm always FLOORED. Like, you sleep with your feet outside the blankets? What are you, some kind of animal?

So, here is mine, just in case you're curious about Bedtime Jules.

Unless I have company, I sleep in an old tee shirt and undies. My favorite nightshirts are my dad's old lifeguarding shirts. I've been wearing them since I liberated them from his dresser when I was in middle school. I also have a select FEW other shirts that I choose from. And undies. That's it. Any other bedtime clothing else tends to feel Horribly Uncomfortable. I know a lot of people sleep in, like, pajamas. I have seen them at Target and whatnot. They are cute! Little tankie toppies with matching shorts or pants or whatever. But I never buy them because I can't sleep in a tank top-- it leaves my shoulders bare and prone to perceived wind-chill. And PANTS? OMG just the idea of them bunching and riding up makes me shudder. NO PANTS.

If I am sleeping on my tummy, my face is to the right with my right arm is folded under the pillow and my left arm bent with my wrist resting on my hip. If I'm on my side, some of the blanket is folded between my knees because their bony prominences are, well, BONY. The blankets must cover my feet and come up to my shoulders. If I have to choose one or the other of those two I will choose my feet.

I'm also a mouth-breather, originating from my childhood allergies. If I try to breathe through my nose I feel like I'm going to CHOKE AND DIE. When I see people sleeping in movies or TV I get all anxious because I imagine myself laying there with my head on the middle of the pillow and it reminds me of how much I think I am going to DIE. So my mouth is usually open when I sleep. If you see me sleeping on a plane, I am invariably that person with her head leaning back on the headrest and mouth wide open. It's... hawt.

Anyhow, my bed is lovely and comfortable, especially since I got this blanket. And I have a Bowie who usually sleeps at the foot of my bed. Sometimes I read a chapter of a book or poke around on the computer before I go to sleep, and almost every night I take a Benadryl for allergy/sleep purposes.

Bedtime Jules

So I'm curious, how do you sleep at night?