Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recent Purchases

Recent flea marketing excursions have returned many lovely treasures.

I seem to have a container-buying compulsion. But, pretty! Look how pretty!
I could keep any sort of collection of tiny objects in them: buttons, toothpicks, paper clips, uh... jewelry, beads, kitty toys, ummm... other stuff.

This I will admit that I bought purely for aesthetic purposes. I don't intend to spend the time or money getting the clock to actually run because I feel like ticking of any sort would drive me into a Captain Hook-esque frenzy.
You think that's cuckoo? Maybe YOU are the cuckoo one. The clock will be right at least two times per day, ever think of that?

I fished this pot out of a jumble of assorted cooking supplies and also managed to find a lid that fits. I don't think it is the original lid, but that's okay.
 It definitely goes with my retro kitchen style.

I thought this little box was cute. And bonus! It has six coasters inside.
For all of my coasting needs.


On a completely different note, but still falling into the 'recent purchases' category, I bought some toys today. They're for the tots.
I recognize that Christmas is a long way off, but Swistle gave me a good idea with her spreading-out-gift-card-purchases plan for the holidays. Last year I bought a whole buncha toys all at once, which was fun and I didn't have a whole heck of a lot of other options since it was already so close to Christmas by the time I decided to donate toys. This year, I'm going to try and spread it out better, for ease-on-the-wallet-and-transporting-home purposes. So I started today. The local Walgreenses in San Francisco seem to have this great toy deal every year wherein you buy two toys and then get a third for free, which works out to about $5 per toy. They seem to be pretty good quality, or at least BETTER quality than one might expect for a $5 toy. And SOMEtimes the deal switches to buy one get one free, but if I remember correctly that was a lot closer to Christmas and there was less variety of toys and more people grabbing at them. Today the store was nice and empty, with lots of different toys to choose from and plenty of room for me to stack them in the aisle while I made my decision.