Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Oh, it's complainey day? Well don't mind if I do!

- While I was in school for the past three years I had the school health insurance, which is on a September to September cycle. This means that the people in my program who graduated in June got a nice little buffer of time wherein they could take their certification exams and find jobs and THEN their health insurance ended. My health insurance ended on September 7, the day after I 'technically' graduated. Which means no buffer for me, even though I could really use it since right now I am in the looking-for-a-job-and-studying-for-my-certification-exam stage. Further punishment for failing my Giant Paper Thing the first time, I presume?

- The insurance program for which I applied, that I was willing to pay for, sent me a rejection letter yesterday. I had to CREATE A USER NAME AND PASSWORD just to go on their stupid web site, download the letter, and find out that apparently I have too many preexisting conditions and I have done reprehensible things like GONE TO THE STUDENT HEALTH CENTER WHEN I WAS SICK.

- My toaster seems to have two settings-- barely heat at all and BURN-- and I'm always prepared for the wrong one. Sometimes I jump up every thirty seconds to check on the bagel and usually find that it takes four to five press-downs of the toaster button for the bagel to end up sufficiently golden brown. But when I resolve to SIT HERE DAMMIT until the toaster decides that the bagel is done then I end up with a burned bagel. Woe.

- I bought a new litter box for Bowie at the thrift store. It is much nicer (if 'nice' is indeed a word that can be used in reference to a litter box) than the old one in that it is covered and larger but still fits in the same nook. It results in fewer, ah, messes and spilled litter behind the box that I have to clean up but it also results in a small amount of spilled litter in front of the box, which means I step on it and AHHHH if there is one thing I hate it is encountering granules of cat litter with my bare feet.

- I emailed the company where I have worked seasonally giving flu shots for the past two years to ask about their schedule and when they were going to need me. They said they were sorry but it looks like all the flu clinics are all staffed already, thanks for my interest! So... they just didn't bother to let me know they were planning the schedule? They would rather hire brand new nurses than use one of their experienced employees? Great. I can't even get a job that I am hugely overqualified for, where I have worked for the past two years.

- Generally speaking, when people listen to a story I am telling and say "Oh, well *I* would have...." and then proceed to explain how they would have cuttingly told off the person who was mean to me or found a quick and easy solution to some big problem I am having. Shut up! No you wouldn't have! I don't care, just shut up!