Friday, January 28, 2011

Things of No Importance

I spent this afternoon at the Anchor Brewing Company, which means that now seems like a GREAT time to share some random thoughts:

1. Remember when I told you about the shows I like to watch because I don't care about the characters? Well I USED to like watching 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom for that same reason. But now it has become apparent that I actually CARE about Teen Mom 2's Leah. Which means that watching the show makes me a little nervous because all I want to see is her happy with her babies and in love and everything's great la la la!

2. My new People magazine had a story about the chick from all the Spy Kids movies, Alexa Vega. I squinched up my eyebrows and muttered "Alexa Vega... Alexa Vega..." for a few seconds before it hit me. Alexa Vega! From one of my VERY favorite movies of all time: Repo! The Genetic Opera. It may surprise you to know that one of my favorite movies is one from the horror/rock-opera genre given the information in Item 1, but I luuurve it. There wasn't any real point in bringing up the People magazine story, just that Alexa Vega exists and she's in a movie I really like. Oh! And she can sing, in case you were wondering that.

3. My new People magazine also says that Jesse James proposed to Kat Von D. Somewhere, I hope Sandra Bullock is LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY.