Friday, September 2, 2011

Packed and Ready

Or maybe just packed.
I'm leaving tonight for El Salvador. It feels pretty surreal right now since I still haven't heard a whole lot about what to expect or even what the schedule will be. We're arriving early in the morning tomorrow so I'm assuming that either means we will have the day off to rest or we'll be driven straight to the hospital from the airport.
Really I just wanted to post this photo since it represents the lightest I have ever packed. Ten days, one backpack and a pursey thing. All of my toiletries are in tiny 3 ounce bottles. Everything is freezerbagged. My shorts are doubling as pajamas. I have three shirts, one pair of flip flops, a Spanish dictionary, and a plastic bag to wrap over myself in case it rains. I'm so ready. Ish. Or, y'know, not at all.