Monday, June 6, 2011

Geri Gals Shenanigans

My good friends from my specific specialty (Ger1atr1cs) and I went out on Friday night, to celebrate FINISHING OUR PROGRAM!!! We got dressed to the nines.

I can't believe we won't have lectures and seminars and lunches out on the lawn together anymore. I can't believe we won't study together and gossip while we are supposed to be working on a group project and text each other "save me a seat!" before class.
I can't believe we won't see each other every week, like we have for the past two years.
The past two years have crept by but at the same time they've gone by in naught but the blink of an eye. These ladies and I have seen each other through... a lot.

The past two years have included:
One horrible preceptor.
One horrible site visit.
Two sociopath ex boyfriends.
Several deaths in the family.
Two births in the family.
One torn ACL.
One broken hand.
One restraining order.
Countless douchebags.
One engagement.
Three car break-ins.
One allergic reaction to antibiotics.
Four surgeries.
Two spectacular falls with skinned knees while running for MUNI.
One misdiagnosis of IBS.
Three meltdowns in class.
Several breakups.
Several makeups.
Lots of papers and projects and clinical days.
Four certificates of completion.
And four new paths to take....

I'm gonna miss these gals something fierce.