Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sarcastic Jazz Hands

I need there to exist an emoticon that expresses Sarcastic Jazz Hands.
Because it is something I do OFTEN.
You'll have to imagine that my hands are waving.

Examples of usage:
"You know you want to shop at Diesel and American Apparel [Sarcastic Jazz Hands]."
"Have you seen the new Twilight [Sarcastic Jazz Hands] movie?"
"We stayed at Rumor, this super trendy [Sarcastic Jazz Hands] hotel in Vegas."
"I could smell Axe Body Spray [Sarcastic Jazz Hands] on the guy sitting next to me."

Sarcastic Jazz Hands roughly translates to 'I recognize that this person/place/thing of which I speak takes him/her/itself too seriously.'

I am officially the COOLEST GIRL YOU KNOW [Sarcastic Jazz Hands].